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Speaking the foreign Lingo

Expatriate (Expat)A US National that is living and working abroad from 6 months to a year

Third Country National (TCN)– A foreign national working in a foreign country (i.e an Australian working in France)

Local National (LN)– A person who lives and works within their own country (i.e a Chinese person working for a US owned or affiliated operation in China)

Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation (FVWC)– Provides voluntary, not mandatory, US workers compensation benefits as well as standard foreign extensions, such as excess repatriation expense and endemic disease coverage; normally 24/7 coverage for trip travel

You need foreign coverage if you:

  • Have overseas sales
  • You have employees traveling abroad
  • Exhibit or participate in trade shows overseas
  • Have any contracting or consulting overseas
  • Have facilities overseas
  • Have any employees living abroad
  • Rent or own cars overseas
  • Rely on overseas manufacturers or customers
  • Ship goods

Our solution is an International Package Program which covers:

  • Foreign Commercial General Liability
  • Foreign Auto Liability
  • Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation & Employers Liability
  • Travel Accident & Sickness
  • Real & Personal Insurance
  • Kidnap & Ransom, Extortion
  • Political Risk
  • Crime

The Advantages of the package policy are that you have up to 9 lines of coverage, you have one underwriter, premium, policy and invoice and it makes it easy to do business.


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